Monday, November 4, 2013

Wyatt: 11 months

Dude man is 11 months and as active as ever. He's fully walking now--albeit wobbly and stumbly--but walking still. He gets into EVERYTHING. I guess that's nothing new for him. But it's hilarious and infuriating at the same time. He has a great personality and demeanor. He is super friendly and doesn't seem to show any signs of shyness. As in, he will walk over to pretty much anyone and ask (demand) to be picked up. Slash wipe his nose on their pants. Whatever. He is outgoing.

He is chatty and seems to be practicing new words all the time. They might not be actual words or anything, but he tries. Words spoken to date: mama, dada, bubba, duck, and NO. Which sounds like, nah. He shakes his head yes and no, emphatically. He likes to dance. Or, more accurately, head bob.

He will destroy an egg each and every morning. And is always down for some carbs, any kind of carbs, really. But he is still a bit unpredictable with table foods. He will typically take 1-3 bites of almost anything you offer but after that it's anybody's guess. His usual favorites include: rice, sweet potato, eggs, cheerios, frozen peas, squeezies, apples, banana zucchini bread, and some other stuffs. He seems to like meat, but I forget to offer it.

He is such a sweet little guy. He is also a wild animal. He basically leaves a disaster in his wake, plowing through toys like a banshee. But he is also super sweet and sometimes cuddly. He loves his Daddy and his best friend is by far his big sister, Millie. He ADORES her.

He is still nursing fairly often, including once in the middle of the night (insert sadface emoticon), but we're hoping to wean him off that pretty soon here. We'll see. Being up once a night isn't too bad, but there are days when it makes me looney and I swear that tonight is the night I stop.

Wyatt James is such a treasure to us. And a fantastic addition to our family. We are all still smitten, 11 months later.

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