Thursday, January 12, 2012


Big changes are upon us and the little. Tomorrow we will be embarking on our biggest adventure yet. We are moving down south! {And just in time for Chicago's first snow storm--thanks Chicago, PREESH!} Anyway. Miss Mills is 22 months {and a week or so} old. That's almost two years old for the math-deficient. Which also means I can probably stop referring to her age in months. Big deal! No really it is! Does this mean I will stop posting {somewhat} monthly updates? Not sure. Guess we'll all have to wait and see. Pins and needles!

Back to Amelia Lee: She is a wild thing. She has hair {finally!}. She communicates fairly well and knows what I mean when I say, "Use your words." She sleeps well and eats well {finally!}. She likes people {especially her best friends Lola/Yaya, Bowen/Bubba, and Willie/WeeWee my parents dog}. She hugs and kisses. She laughs hysterically when you tickle her or hold her upside down or do something silly. I love to make her laugh. {And I love how easy it is.} She colors and draws and attempts to name colors. She counts {two and six, mostly}. She likes to sign songs {or for me to sing songs while she does the hand motions}. She likes down time. She likes to run and hop and jump. She likes to sit in Millie-sized chairs and at Millie-sized tables. She likes to push strollers and take care of babies {including undressing, dressing, feeding, rocking, soothing, etc.}. She likes to be held. She likes to jump on our bed/her bed. She likes to pretend to go to sleep {after saying, "night-night...bye...i love you"}. She likes to point out cars, trucks, tractors, buses, trains. She eats hummus with a spoon. She wakes up happy and plays in her crib {this is AMAZING and a new development}. She loves her mama and her daddyO {she calls Brad DaddyO and I die of the cuteness}. She loves dogs and cats and crouches beside them and attempts to pick them up. She hates getting her hair wet {still}. She loves her grandparents. She is obsessed with books {especially: Not a Box, Where the Wild Things Are, I am a Bunny, In the Garden, Everyone Poops, ABCs, and Go to Sleep, My Love}. She sleeps with like 17 babies/animals {really only 6}. She still wears a sleep sack {with the bottom opened up because she's too tall}. She calls it a "seep-sap." She has a flair for drama. She stares. She likes going to the gym daycare and sometimes ignores me when I arrive to pick her up and I have to go and physically get her {major burn}. She likes to be held and cuddled when she wakes up from her nap {1-3pm-ish}. She likes necklaces, sunglasses, and my engagement ring. She doesn't mind making a scene. She still talks about our Christmas Tree.

I hope this great transition goes smoothly for her little sensitive soul. She is learning new words every day. Lately I've been focusing on beach and sunshine. We can't wait.

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