Sunday, October 3, 2010

Seven Months

Happy 7 to my darling (not-so-babyish) baby girl. She's a mover and a shaker and a funny-noise-maker. She's got a basket of toys she plays with, but she'd much prefer to chew on a cord, my phone, or your shoe. She burps loudly and toots often. She's ceased with the growling and started with the screeching and squealing. She's outgrowing clothes before she even wears them. Oh yeah, and she sits up and crawls (mostly army-style) like a champ. Baby-proofing, anyone? We need to get on that. She eats oatmeal once a day but still much prefers the boob. She pulls hair and noses and earrings and laughs when I plead with her to be gentle. She licks the floor. She loves long walks until she gets hungry then we best be close to home. She's learning to drum the wooden spoon on mixing bowls. Her hair is growing. Slowly. Her new nickname is monkey. But bunny is still a top-contender. She has FOUR teeth and more seem to be on the way. Her sleeping is still pretty unpredictable, but I'm getting better at rolling with it. She loves the beach, especially the gulf. Well, mostly she wants to eat the sand. FINE. She smiles and laughs when we see a dog. I know that she'll have a doggie of her own in the future. She loves to be held upside down. LOVES. She laughs her head off at peak-a-boo. She loves to ride around on Daddy's shoulders (even though mama doesn't always love it). She's a sweetheart. Our sweetheart. And man is she growing up fast.

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