Friday, June 11, 2010


Well, it's happened. Miss Millie has her very first cold. Sadcakes McGee are we. She's sneezing a ton and her little nose is red and running and she even has a bit of a cough. Ugh times a trillion. None of us are getting much sleep because little miss keeps waking up coughing or because she can't breathe through her nose or maybe just because she feels like yuck and wants some love.

Of course I feel guilty because I'm assuming that she caught the little bug from the gym daycare. The one thing that I do for me and only me. Part of me wants to see the bright side: she's building up her immune system so she can ward off other illnesses. And I know that's true, but right now I just want to snuggle my runny-nosed lady and make everything better.

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