Friday, February 12, 2010

Swiss Chard Baby

Annnnnnnnnnnd, the bean is officially full term. I have a FULL TERM baby inside of me. I definitely think my body turned a corner this past week and I clearly can no longer do all that I am accustomed to doing, like, say, for instance, sitting comfortably. I noticed particularly abruptly at prenatal yoga on Sunday when we were doing the regular stuff that I've been participating in weekly and my body just would.not.go.there. I was like, oh, okay. Guess NOT.

On Wednesday I thought it would be a genius idea to take the twins for a walk since the blizzard had subsided and the sun decided to greet us. Yeah, not so much. A double stroller + two 2-year-olds + unshoveled foot-deep sidewalks + 37 weeks pregs + biting cold winds = DISASTER times a million. But of course, once we were all suited up and out there I was not giving up. Add to that the puddles in my clearly-not-weather-resistant Uggs and you've got one sad mama-to-be. (Speaking of Uggs, can they BE any harder to put on?! MY GAH.) I got a bit worried when the braxton-hicks (yup, I know ALL about those now) started picking it up a notch. But I stopped frequently and had come prepared with lots of water, so dewai. WHEW. When we got home I was pretty much out of commission and those twins best be glad they even got to eat lunch that day.
Last night was our final natural childbirth prep class. FAIL. We were both pretty disappointed about the whole thing and I'm quite sure that they know it. Especially since Fiji gave them a few ZERO's on the evaluation form. It was definitely not designed for home-birthers (which was not the impression that we were given before we signed up) and we didn't exactly come out of it with a community of similarly-minded parents. But oh well. It's over. And feej got to practice his swaddling skills. So there's that.

This afternoon our midwife comes for the home visit and I'm pretty flipping excited about it. We get to plan out where the tub will go and stuff like that. (Uhhh, I'm not entirely sure what else, but I'm just excited to get to plan a bit more of the logistics.) I just realized that I never finished my posts about why we are choosing a homebirth. Let me just get right to that. YUP. No, really, I will. It's just, if you saw our (completely unrealistic) master baby to-do list, you'd understand.

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